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What is the most favourite thing your child likes to play with? Is it dinosaurs, or Thomas the train? Or is it ponies and princesses? I bet you can tell me in detail all about their passion for Olaf. I have two kids of my own (boy and girl) and I delight in their imaginary play.  How about capturing this very special phase in their life in a photo? Bring them to pose with their favourite toy or be part of that scene. They will always remember this moment and this story can be easily told for generations to come.

Imagine having one of a kind photo that captures that imaginary scene. How does it work? We’ll start off with a concept meeting. Then I’ll go and do some research and get the digital background we need for your shoot. On the day of the shoot, we’ll focus on capturing the right angles so that the final photo looks as realistic as possible.

I’m Here To Help Your Photo Stories Come to Life!

Through Creative Ideas, Loads of Imagination; Sheer Determination

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