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Photographing people is my passion and my speciality. I’m talking about real people – people of every shape, size, colour and age. Your contemporary portraits will be works of art that celebrate of your individuality. I’ll make sure your poses show you at your best, and more importantly, I’ll make you feel at ease so that your unique beauty can shine through.

What is a contemporary portrait?

I have always adored painted portraits from a very young age. Portraits, like the famous Mona Lisa or the Van Gogh self-portrait, has a special depth to it that left a memorable imprint in my memory. Contemporary portraiture, as we knew it in the past was something only the rich and the noble could afford. Contemporary portraiture has come a long way. With the technology available to us today, contemporary portraiture doesn’t have to be a painting on canvas, but a beautifully composed photograph that can be printed to a heart’s desire.

Why I offer Contemporary Portraits?

I’ve always preferred to photograph people – mostly weddings and children. I have noticed a strong trend during this time that stirred my heart and I felt like doing something about it. So many times, I have to hear that the mum doesn’t want to be in the photo – for whatever reason. I felt sad and a bit surprised because I can honestly see her beauty and she will only grow old with no record of that. No family wants a missing mother or sister in photos right?

That is when I decided I’m going to learn how to do makeup and hair and start giving women an amazing experience in front of the camera. Best of all, they get to keep a beautiful photo of themselves and their family will always treasure it.

Why should you?

I take my job of capturing beautiful and perfect photographs for you very seriously. Using light, shadow and emotion, we are creating wordless poems that will tell your story for generations to come. Your photographs are not only for you to treasure but will become part of a very special heirloom you leave for your loved ones. These photos only focus on you. Celebrating your beauty and personality.

You may not believe that you are worthy, but let me show you what your loved ones see.

Photo Session is done in Studio and can take up to 1 hour – excluding make-up and hair time.

Before you say no

Watch this video of a beauty campaign Dove did. We are so harsh on ourselves. It’s time to listen to the truth and see ourselves through the eyes of others. You are more beautiful than you think.

Capture a moment in time.

Every Time.