Agent Light Painter

It all started after the mysterious sighting of a Kraken behind Port Royal. Telegraphs from many Airship pirates reached the Aerostatic Corps, raising concerns for public safety. An urgent committee meeting was held to establish a course of action.

If the sightings are true, the only explanation of a Kraken appearing would be because it was provoked. The committee all agreed that some of the pirates are behind this. For reasons unknown, the committee has to find out what the pirate’s plot is and confirm that this is indeed the work of their nemesis, Millicent Cecelia Darlington, the captain of the airship Elizabeth Anne.

They were going to have to be careful in their approach. The crew of the airship Elizabeth Anne should be handled carefully. They are known to travel back in time to overthrow governments. The only way to handle this is to summon someone with a good reputation – the Light Painter – for help. She is their best undercover agent with skills that can match that of the Elizabeth Anne crew.

Secret briefings were held with undercover agent Light Painter. It’s crucial to know who each crew member is and what they are capable of so a Book of Deeds was given to Light Painter to bring him up to speed with the Elizabeth Anne crew.

The crew of the airship Elizabeth Anne

Moving from left to right. Jonas Enoch Emerson, Enforcer and secret assassin for the ministry of Dark Affairs, a talented pastry chef who enjoys whipping up delicious desserts for the crew. Seldom seen without his signature dark glasses which work biodynamically to connect him to the Ethernet to gather information on his targets.

Phineas Leviticus Kidd, Mastermind, Swashbuckler and Mercenary. Before joining the crew of the Elizabeth Anne he made a living playing poker in the Wild West.

Millicent Cecelia Darlington, the captain of the airship, fortune hunter and voyager. Formerly a burlesque dancer she now sails the skies with her loyal crew. Not above taking the odd shady job to keep her ship in the sky and her crew together.

Orson Huxley the airship pilot and Card Sharp. He could teach Phineas a thing or two.

Dr Persephone Mockett, ship’s medic, a skilled surgeon and inventor. Mockett specialises in integrating mechanical parts into the human body.

Sherlock Whitley, Co pilot, Bug Collector, Steam Carriage Fanatic and Tea Pot Racer.

Lady Elspeth Lovelace, has a doctorate in Cryptozoology. An expert on the Kraken she spends her time investigating the mysterious disappearances of whaling ships. One day she hopes to humanely catch a Kraken and prove they exist. She can be found searching the seas for Kraken sightings with her special binoculars gifted to her by a time traveler.

Mina Myra McGill, is an Armaments Officer, Unicorn Hunter and Faerie Dancer.

Rosalind Porter, ship’s mascot. Small in stature but big on daring-do, she loves to climb the ship’s rigging.

Tom, the raw recruit was kidnapped by time travelling pirate slavers and rescued by the crew of the Elizabeth Anne. Unsure of what to do with him, the crew hands over the job of looking after Rosalind, an arrangement that works well for everyone.

Lenore Ravenwood agent for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, uses her skills as a gothic novelist and part time magician to investigate bizarre happenings.

Edgar Whitby, Enforcer by day and Tea Cup Collector by night. His most prized possession is his teacup holster, which ensures he always has a cup to hand.

Although undercover agent Light Painter’s equipment is disguised as camera gear, she can also analyze each thought molecule and translate it directly to the committees’ headquarters through the Ethernet. The transmission of the thought stereograph is safeguarded by the AC Firewall. The strategic plan was formed and the undercover agent was ready to commence on her journey to expose the plans of Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington.

Stage 1 of the mission was ready.

A light portal that travels the airwaves reaching the ideal mind frequency of Airship Elizabeth Anne was a success.  Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington responded and sent her telegraph to have access to the light portal. Access was granted and the crew was given a map and a time to meet up with the undercover agent, only known to them as Light Painter.

Stage 2 was underway.

Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington was the first to greet Light Painter. The day was gloomy and richly charged with moisture. On arrival Light Painter was surprised by the sheer beauty of Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington. Without losing focus, Light Painter started up her gear to take the captain’s portraits.

The captain freely told Light Painter about her crew and current adventures. She showed so much love and compassion towards her crew and that puzzled Light Painter. This captain was out of the ordinary. Not your typical pirate.

Stage 3 continued later that day.

Light Painter met the rest of the crew. Unlike Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington, the crew behaved suspiciously, but they were loyal to their captain and trusted her every move. Everyone got together for their crew photo. Light Painter was taken to Blackwatch for the crew’s group portrait. Although something didn’t feel right, Light Painter continued to user her thought stereograph.

The crew left and Light Painter was transported back to Aerostatic Corps. While waiting for the Thought Stereograph Analysis Report, Light Painter decided to have a cup of tea. As she opened her bag she found a tea cup she didn’t recognise. Could it be a tracking device? In a wild panic, Light Painter had to interrupt the committee’s meeting, and inform them of the tea cup. The tea cup was rushed to the lab for analysis. Their fears were confirmed. It was a tracking device. Their plan had been exposed! What gave the undercover agent away?

The only way this could have happened is if the Thought Stereograph’s Ethernet Firewall wasn’t working properly. A door must have been left open! This means, Jonas Enoch Emerson’s signature dark glasses connected him to the same Ethernet to gather information on this mission.

Before long, Lady Elspeth Lovelace arrived unannounced. This confirmed the Elizabeth Anne crew is well aware of the Kraken plans. To the committee’s surprise and mixed with suspicion, Lady Elspeth Lovelace had a proposal. She wanted ownership of all of Themes airwaves in return for ‘getting rid of’ the Kraken. The committee also had to sign an agreement that the crew of Elizabeth Anne would take no responsibility if Port Royal was destroyed in the process. If the committee wishes to not comply, then all of Aerostatic Corps’ top secrets will be made known to every pirate. This would ensure the outbreak of a global war.

The committee didn’t have a choice but to give in to their demands. However, they had a generous two days to send the desired telegraphs to other committees and stakeholders to enforce the new command.

This gave Light Painter two days to find a loophole. The best scenario would be for the Kraken to stay away and for Aerostatic Corps to remain in control of the Themes airwaves. Light Painter received intelligence that the Kraken does indeed exist and is a cunning monster. If Aerostatic Corps give in to the demands, the Kraken will not stop at Port Royal. It will be much worse. This plan is crucial to succeed in preventing any damage to property or loss of life.

It was time to bring out the big Canon. The only suitable solution is to give a pirate what no other pirate has – a huge advantage, the key to unlimited fortunes and favor; a secret map that only unfolds itself at given times to the one that accepts The Way.

A telegraph was sent to the crew of Elizabeth Anne. Light Painter was ready to give them some good news.

As soon as the crew arrived, Light Painter presented a big canvas and explained what it was about.

The Canvas (Map)

Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington was initially skeptical of the counter offer, but Light Painter explained how The Way works. She will only see the map to fortune and favor unfold when she accepts The Way becoming a part of her life.  Captain Millicent Cecelia Darlington was indeed keen to find out more and accepted The Way. When she looked at her canvas map it looked different and a few things really stood out. There is something in this that excited her, but it wasn’t very clear. Light Painter went on to explain that the map will become clearer as she allows the Way to teach her and reveal mysteries to her in due time. It will take patience.

With a sigh of relief the whole crew of Elizabeth Anne agreed to accept The Way onboard and become part of the crew. The Airship’s atmosphere was charged with unexplainable excitement but no-one wanted to reject it. It was too beautiful to resist.

The Light Painter smiled as the Airship Elizabeth Anne floated off into the sunset. She knew that their journey will be filled with excitement and amazing revelation. The world is safe yet again.

‘Time to paint a new canvas’ she said. Who would be next to go on a special journey with The Way.