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You are going through such an amazing and special time in your life right now. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or 8th, it’s still a great memory to capture. You might not feel great but it’s such an important time in your life that you can cherish through a photograph.

Don’t worry about stretch marks or whatever might keep you from getting a photo done. I’m very good at Photoshop and can edit your photographs and give you a beautiful tummy. You are in good hands. You’ll be so glad you did it.

These photos will be a precious memory to share with your children when they are older.

When to come

The perfect time to come for your maternity photos is when you are between 33 and 36 weeks along. For most mums to be, this is when her belly has a lovely round shape and when she is not feeling too uncomfortable.

Bring your other little one(s) and partner along too.

Photo Session can be done in Studio or Outdoors.

Capture a moment in time.

Every Time.